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Q. May I monetize a video of a MacGuffin?

We permit monetization of productions such as review videos or "Let's Play" videos whereby a production site (e.g. YouTube, may pay you for views.

Q. I did not see the end sequence, only a black screen and sound! What can I do?

This is simple to remediate. It is a known problem in Unreal Engine 4.7

Either watch it on youtube (spoilers!).
Or you can watch it manually, without sound.
On windows go to
On mac go to (right click then show package content)/Contents/UE4/MacGuffin/Content/Movies/end_mg_gold.mp4

Q. I cannot change the controls in the settings, how can I do it?

If this happens to you, you can change the controls by accessing the file "Input.ini" and editing it with any text editor.

On windows go to

On mac go to (right click then show package content)/Contents/UE4/MacGuffin/Intermediate/Config/CoalescedSourceConfigs/Input.ini

Here are the lines to be modified. Change the values after "Key=" to what you want.

Q. What are the minimum system requirements?

Windows 7
MacOS 10.9.2
Note that non-dedicated graphics cards may have a hard time running Unreal Engine.

Q. Where can I purchase the soundtrack?

You can get it now on Bandcamp

Q. My question is not here, who can answer it?

Please send an email to corentin


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